Without You I'm Nothing - Sandra Bernhard, DVD

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Sparing no sensibilities, the "bold, inventive and incisively funny" (Rolling Stone) performance artist Sandra Bernhard draws blood in this "heartrending, merciless assault on the phoniness ofentertainment rhetoric" (Roger Ebert). Both "ingenious and unsettling" (The New York Times),her quirky material makes for a wonderfully outrageous and revelatory experience. It is the cabaret act of a nightmare: you sing, dance and tell stories to an utterly apathetic audience. ButSandra Bernhard doesn't know fear, and she tears into a viewer's discomfort with vigor and relish. Stripping herself, body and soul, down to bare essentials, she delivers no less than "an astonishingperformance in this bizarre, funny and prickly satire of pop culture" (The Wall Street Journal).


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