About Us

Music Masters Worldwide is a full-service music store featuring all genres, including rock, progressive, classic, jazz, blues, imports and more, in a variety of formats: vinyl records (LPs, EPs, 45s, etc.), CDs, DVDs (blu-rays, concerts) and even 8-tracks and cassette tapes.

Since 1998, Music Masters Worldwide has met its customers' distinct music requests for albums from around the world. It began as a mail order business and quickly expanded its footprint with a storefront on Main Street in Downers Grove, Ill. Owner Cordell Miles, a former DJ and music aficionado, is dedicated to sharing the world's universal language with everyone who comes through the door, calls on the phone, or sends an email. He appreciates hearing stories about how music has made a memory and impact in one's life, and shares these and other music-related insights on his blog, The Naked Verve.

As an independent music retailer, Music Masters Worldwide participates in Record Store Day and Black Friday Record Store Days.



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