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This is the Naked Verve

We are a few months into the new ownership and I thank all the Music Masters Worldwide friends for your patience and support as I’ve gotten my feet wet working to enhance your music experience and getting to know you.

MMW InsideThe stories shared from you and other customers are my driving force. Every record, CD and DVD seems to spark some emotion or memory – a concert you attended or musicians you have met. From being in a riot in downtown Chicago when Sly (of Sly and the Family Stones) didn’t appear to seeing the Beatles for the first time and not being able to hear because of the screaming and crowd noise, it all hits a chord with me. It’s the Naked Verve – that raw enthusiasm for music and all that comes with it. 

MMW Listening StationI know you have to have one (or 10,000) music stories; share it below with the MMWW family and keep them coming at the store. The revised store design should help with a better ability to browse, wider music selection and listening stations to spark the thought. Maybe, just maybe, someone can give me the best Woodstock story or finally settle the argument of the better guitarist: Jimi Hendrix or Jeff Beck…or Stevie Ray Vaughn…or Carlos Santana. And, for those of you who are afar, I hope this updated and improved website is the ticket to get you closer to those memories as well.

I’m not stopping here and will continue to listen to your suggestions. And, don’t you worry – I am prepping (and excited about!) BLACK FRIDAY RECORD STORE DAY on November 25th. As in the past, the store will be open and the full RSD catalog will be available here on the website.

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