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6 Awesome Vinyl Facts about Jack White

Jack White loves vinyl. The man who led the garage rock revival has built a life around a celebration of all things analog, including the glory of vinyl records. If you’ve seen the guitar-god documentary It Might Get Loud, you understand White’s passion for the authenticity of analog music: in one of the movie’s more revealing scenes, he constructs a guitar out of found parts including a Coke bottle and plays it. His passion for the simplicity of analog music has manifested itself in some striking and sometimes curious ways. As 2018 Record Store Day approaches, let us count six of them:
  • He has released a trove of rare and eccentric vinyl, including 100 copies of a single that was stitched into furniture he upholstered. The White Stripes’s “The Denial Twist” is available only from Jack White personally.
  • Third Man Records claims to be the only Detroit-based company to press records for the legendary Motown label. During its glory years, Motown, despite symbolizing Detroit’s hustle and artistic greatness, had its records pressed in Owosso, a town west of Flint, Michigan. But through a partnership, Third Man now presses Motown vinyl locally, including a recently released set of rare singles from the Supremes.
White recently told The Guardian that the resurgence of vinyl sales in the 2000s is partly “due to an insane amount of effort from Third Man Records.” It’s hard to argue with him. His passion for vinyl is one of the reasons we celebrate Record Store Day. Come by our store April 21 and join the fun.
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