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This is the Naked Verve

We are a few months into the new ownership and I thank all the Music Masters Worldwide friends for your patience and support as I’ve gotten my feet wet working to enhance your music experience and getting to know you. The stories shared from you and other customers are my driving force. Every record, CD and DVD seems to spark some emotion or memory – a concert you attended or musicians you have met. From being in a riot in downtown Chicago when Sly (of Sly and the Family Stones) didn’t appear to seeing the Beatles for the first time...

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Our Friend Lou

Music Masters family, For nearly 20 years, our friend Lou has provided dedicated service to you, his loyal Music Masters Worldwide customers and, in the last month, we have worked together to make a seamless transition of ownership. Now, what does this mean for you? Well, aside from communicating with me instead of Lou, there won't be any immediate changes. In the coming months, you'll begin to see a stronger online presence and enhanced in-store shopping experience. I'd like to hear what you want too, so let me know and I'll try my best to address your requests. I am...

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